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  • Is staff performance a concern?
  • Are sales opportunities missed through poor customer service?
  • Are your staff giving your customers a great customer service experience every time?
  • How are your staff performing when you're not there?
  • How are your sales staff handling telephone enquiries?
  • Do email enquiries take days to be answered, maybe long after the customer has purchased elsewhere?
  • Do you know how your competition is performing?

Improve Profits with Mystery Shopping Services

Improve profits with serviceMystery Shopping, also known as Secret Shopping, uses selected anonymous shoppers to test the quality of service, and other metrics, provided by retailers and other businesses.

Using the analysed information can usually increase the profitability of the business by clearly outlining weaknesses in the sales process, these weaknesses could be product knowledge, initial approach times, how staff interact with customers and many other potential issues.

Once these issues are identified by carrying out a Secret Shopper program, staff training can be put in place to improve these outcomes. Overall increasing your bottom line, improving upsell and generally giving you a better understanding of how your customer views your business.

Customer Service Skills

Poor customer service skills are one of the main reasons your customers stop buying from you and begin shopping elsewhere, usually telling friends, workmates and other family members of their poor customer service experience.

Secret shopper improves profitEach customer that enters your business has generally cost you money to get them there in the first place, advertising, signage etc, so if they leave your business without making a purchase then that is real money down the drain.

The first point of contact the customer has with your business is the first employee they talk to. Whether by phone or in person, the probability of a purchase is related to this interaction.

Secret shoppers from selected demographics can test your employees, in a real time environment and let you know based on their experience if they would have purchased today, and if not why not.

Great information to have.

Secret Shopping your business is not only tax deductible, but generally has a really good return on investment (ROI.)

What are Secret Shoppers?

Secret shoppers are trained individuals who masquerade as genuine shoppers, they are asked by us to visit your business and check such things as customer service skills, employee presentation, approach times, product knowledge, quite simply just about anything, they then report their findings to you, this is done in writing and usually supplied to you in a PDF. format.

The objective of Secret Shopping is simple, to help you improve your service, to keep your customers happy, to stop customers moving elsewhere and even attract more new buyers from competing companies.

Give your business a service health check today, here are just a few ways we can assist you.

  • Telephone Secret Shops.
  • Email Secret Shops (speed and content of the reply.)
  • In-store customer interaction.

All in all, to increase your bottom line!

Competitors Strengths and Weaknesses

We can also Secret Shop your competitors to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Keeping you informed about an ever more competitive marketplace.

Secret Shopper for All Size Service Businesses

Secret Shopper for all size service businesses The Secret Shopper is a shopping service for most types of small, medium and large business. We emphasise that no two companies are ever the same.

We believe a successful mystery shop demands a complete 'before and after' picture of the assignment premises.

Hence, unlike many Secret Shopping companies, The Secret Shopper send evaluators into the prospective client's premises, prior to discussion with management.

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