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Choosing a Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping provider for your business

Choosing a Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping Company for your business

It is important when you are selecting a Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping company that you are comparing apples with apples.

Here are a few things you might want to take into account before agreeing to work with a Mystery Shopping | Secret Shopping provider.

· The quality of the Mystery Shoppers | Secret Shoppers being used.

· How long has the Mystery Shopping | Secret Shopping company been in business.

· Does your Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company offer a business consulting service?

· Does the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company offer bespoke survey design?

· Does the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company fully validate each survey using experienced proofreaders, before supplying the survey to you?

· Does the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company offer a World-class reporting and metrics platform available 24/7?

· Does the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company operate Australia wide, including metro and rural areas?

· Does the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company operate in other countries?

· And finally, what percentage of the fee you pay to the Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopper company is passed on to the Secret Shopper | Mystery Shopper in payment.

The whole point of Mystery Shopping | Secret Shopping your business is to use a demographic that fits your brand. For instance, if you own a butcher’s shop it would be a good idea to send a Mystery Shopper who is knowledgeable about, and loves to eat meat.

The sign-up process for each Mystery Shopping company is different, however, it is wise to work with a company who have a detailed sign-up process that asks for photographic ID, that speaks to their Secret Shoppers | Mystery Shoppers regularly, that offers detailed Mystery Shopper instructions, and checks the completed survey thoroughly for any errors before submitting it to you.

Mystery Shoppers are paid different amounts by different companies, so bear this in mind when you are reviewing your quotes. We know of many companies who only offer $5-$20 per assignment to their Secret Shoppers | Mystery Shoppers, when you take into account the time it takes to drive to and from a store, the petrol used, the time it takes to read the survey instructions, complete the Mystery Shop, and write up and submit the survey it’s easy to do the maths.

Quality Mystery Shoppers | Secret Shoppers expect to be paid in line with the amount of work involved.

What can happen is, if the Mystery Shopping company is not paying their Secret Shoppers enough to visit your stores (because they quoted a low price to get your business), then they will receive no applications from Mystery Shoppers or will have to use the same Mystery Shopper time and time again, and that means your outlet might identify the Secret Shopper | Mystery Shopper which invalidates the result, or you might not get a store visit frequently, especially in rural areas.

Most Mystery Shopping companies have a database of Secret Shoppers and an online jobs portal where Mystery Shoppers can login and apply for assignments.

Generally, Mystery Shopping companies use email and text messages to alert their shoppers to available surveys, it is then the prerogative of the Secret Shopper to apply if they are interested, and feel the remuneration is adequate for the work involved.

The long and short of this is, be careful, and ask the appropriate questions before employing a Mystery Shopper | Secret Shopping provider, quality is everything in this business. If your Mystery Shopping company is not sending the right people to your stores, you might as well throw your money in the street and keep walking.

In closing, find a company who ticks all, or most, of these boxes, and be honest about the budget you are working with, most quality Mystery Shopping | Secret Shopper companies will be able to work with your budget to design a survey that works for you, and your business. Generally, the more detailed the survey is, the higher the price.

Walk-in Secret Shopper | Mystery Shopping prices can range from $60 to $140 per survey, depending on the amount of required questions, and the amount of written information required & are usually carried out fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, however, this cost pales into insignificance when you think about the amount of sales being lost if you have a poorly performing or rude team member working in one or more of your stores.

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