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The Benefits of Secret Shopping


For over 13 years we’ve been designing Secret Shopping / Mystery Shopping solutions to help our valued clients increase their sales and improve their customer service standards.


Our expert team use World Class Secret Shopper software to design any style of survey with numerous delivery options.


If you need a skilled Secret Shopper / Mystery Shopper to visit your business, or if you would just like us to Secret Shop your competitors, we have a solution.


The Secret Shopper offers a massive range of bespoke services that deliver the answers you want with minimal fuss, leaving you time to work on your business.


Industries we work with

Poor customer service will affect your bottom line, let us help you fine-tune your customer service performance to improve your business, by helping you achieve a consistently high level of customer care and repeat business.

  • Retail and Specialty Stores

  • Automotive Sales, Service, Spare Parts, Hire, After Market, Telephone

  • Restaurants

  • Fitness Clubs / Golf Clubs / Membership Clubs 

  • Hospitality

  • Banks / Finance Companies

  • Convenience Stores 

  • Shopping Centres

  • Travel (Airlines, Travel Agencies)

  • Apartment / Resort Management

  • Online businesses

  • Call centres

  • Insurance companies

  • Real Estate Agencies













Walk-in Secret Shopping or Mystery Shopping is one of the most effective methods for gathering feedback on your valuable client's shopping experience.


When you use our walk-in Mystery Shoppers, you will gain an invaluable insight into how your customers feel about doing business with your company, as well as, gaining a better overall understanding about their level of customer satisfaction regarding the customer service they received from your team members, and how likely they would be to do business with you in the future and to recommend your business to their friends and family members.


When you undertake a Mystery Shopping | Secret Shopper program with The Secret Shopper Mystery Shopping Services we build a customised Secret Shopper | Mystery Shopping program for your exact individual needs, we literally start with a blank piece of paper and build the program specifically for your businesses individual needs.


What this means to you, is that you can decide which department the Secret Shopper visits and the individual product they shop for, this is very good for measuring the product knowledge of the team member our Secret Shopper speaks with during their visit.


During our thirteen years in the Mystery Shopping business, one of the metrics we have seen massive growth in is product knowledge. Many businesses are now recognising that customers buy from businesses who provide attentive, friendly customer service, in a visually stimulating, clean and well laid out shopping environment.


It is also just as important to potential customers that the team member they are dealing with has a good grasp of the product they are selling, the features and benefits; great product knowledge.


We often hear feedback from our Secret Shoppers, who say they would not buy from a store because the team member who served them had little, or no, product knowledge, and this negatively affected their decision process, as they did not feel confident that the product would tick all the required boxes.


Potential customers want to feel confident they are purchasing the best possible product for their individual needs.


During our shopper preparation for each assignment, we provide our Mystery Shoppers with what the customer satisfaction experience should look like in an ideal situation, based on your non-negotiable standards for service, so that the actual experience can be measured against those standards.


One of the most important benefits of Mystery Shopping your business is often overlooked, and that is the return on investment (ROI). The most obvious area for ROI is upselling; however, never underestimate the cost of a poorly performing team member.


Just take into account the number of your valuable customers this team member will serve every day, if they are not converting those opportunities into sales, or even worse, this could be costing you thousands each day in lost sales, not to mention sending your valuable customers to your nearest competitor.


The cost of a good quality Mystery Shopping program pales into insignificance when you look at it from this point of view.


We see Mystery Shopping as a business health check, just like a visit to the doctor, I mean you would not buy a new car and never service it, would you?


Quite simply, if you have a business which has sales or service staff, either face to face or contacting your clients via telephone, or even via email, we can put together a competitively priced Secret Shopping package specifically designed for your business model.


​We operate Australia wide and specialise in the following areas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Wollongong, Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba, Bendigo & Tasmania.


Please drop us a line if you require any further information.


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