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Mystery Shopping Services.

  • How are your sales staff performing?
  • How many sales opportunities are you missing each day through poor customer service?
  • Do you wonder if your staff are treating your customers properly?
  • How do they perform when you are not there?
  • How long do they take to answer the phone?
  • Do website (email) enquiries take days to be answered, maybe long after the customer has purchased elsewhere?
  • Do you know how your competition is performing?
If you need answers to these questions and many more just phone or email us

The telephone is often the first point of contact with your business. At this stage often the client has not seen your business; the person they talk to is your business.

Poor product knowledge and customer service skills will send your client searching for the next ad in the phone book. Just think how many times this has happened to you in the last month!!

All in all very bad news for you, and very good news for your biggest rival!!

Poor customer care is one of the main reasons your customers stop buying from you and begin shopping elsewhere.

There is a simple solution to your problems. It's called mystery shopping and it involves anonymous individuals either calling or going into your business masquerading as shoppers, checking everything about your business, and reporting their findings to you.

The objective is simple: to help you improve your service, to keep your customers happy, to stop customers moving elsewhere and even attract more new buyers from competing companies. All in all, to increase your bottom line!

We can even mystery shop your competitors to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. All in all keeping you informed about an ever more competitive marketplace.

We can also make enquiries via email to ascertain the speed and content of the reply. Many companies have very poor response times and little or no follow up after the initial reply.

From our base on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, The Secret Shopper has a low cost mystery shopping service for most types of small, medium and large business. We emphasise that no two companies are ever the same in their requirements. The Secret Shopper believes a successful mystery shop demands a complete 'before and after' picture of the assignment premises, hence, unlike many mystery shopping companies, The Secret Shopper call then send evaluators into the prospective clients premises, prior to discussion with management. If your passion is to be the best business in your field give us a call.

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